1. How would you describe yourself in the office?
2. How do you make sure your ideas get turned into results?
3. How do you make sure people are properly motivated and have the right attitude?
4. How do you get your teams to buy into your corporate values?
5. What do you do when you need to make something happen but the formal path just takes too long?
6. How do you change your people's behaviors in order to improve performance?
Leading Outside the Lines Presents:
Are You a Fast Zebra?
Like the African savanna, the workplace is full of challenges and potential dangers.
Are you a Fast Zebra? Take the test!
Fast Zebras are those employees who can quickly absorb information, adapt to sudden challenges, and act constructively - just as a Fast Zebra survives a visit to the watering hole, while the slower herd members fall prey to predators lurking in the shadows.  
Smart managers and leaders know how to organize and leverage the Fast Zebras who work for them. And Fast Zebras themselves should understand their value.  
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