Ways to play
Puretones are common, generic ways in which a company creates value; examples include innovators, customizers, and aggregators. They define the ways in which companies can compete and play in their respective markets.
Typically, a company blends puretones to create its unique way to play. In this section, you will find a series of statements of corporate strategies, and you will be asked to identify how your company's strategy aligns to those puretones. The goal of this exercise is to determine the puretone that is the closest match to your company.
strongly align to
align to
align to
strongly align to
Be first to introduce new and creative products or services to the market; take steps to improve development/deployment time and invest in the latest technology to boost R&D.
Offer the lowest prices or tremendous value for comparable products and services; business decisions center around bringing the most affordable products to the market for the price point.
Provide customers with the widest array of standardized products while pulling together multiple suppliers, in-sourced or via a third party; offer the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience.
Deemphasize the size of the product mix and focus on offering products custom-tailored to specifically meet customers' needs.
Focus on environmental impact (”being green”) factors significantly into the corporate decision-making process and defines the business.
Providing the lowest price is essential; cost drivers take precedent over ”green” factors when making corporate decisions.
Bring the latest, cutting-edge products or services to the market across the price spectrum.
Provide a product that is of distinctly higher quality or higher service level than those of competitors, even when this means being a fast follower.
Develop a smaller product assortment of unique items and/or services that set trends and offer latest features.
Follow latest trend items and create a centralized marketplace to offer these items efficiently and uniquely.
Leverage insight and market intelligence to offer tailored products or services, even when this means longer lead times to bring them to market.
Manage product lifecycles closely to bring continuously cutting-edge products to market quickly; many new offerings are often under development simultaneously.
Maintain and reduce the carbon footprint through a continual assessment of factors (packaging, low-emission vehicles, and alternative power).
Make customer service and quality products the top priority, even when this involves additional costs (overnight shipments, premium packaging, and labor/machine-intensive manufacturing processes).
Utilize the highest quality materials; offer an entirely high-end product/service mix and look to exceed customer needs.
Maintain the optimal balance of functionality and cost when developing the product/service mix.
1. For each pair of example strategies below, please check the box along the continuum that is the closest match to your company’s corporate-wide aspirations.
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